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US Bill Seeks First Native American Land Grab in 100 Years
Two U.S. congress people will propose in the coming weeks a bill that would see thousands of acres of Indigenous lands turned into oil drilling zones. http://tinyurl.com /zo463so From Information Clearing... ...
sandil - 20. Sep, 21:30

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman: Dakota Access Pipeline 'Is Threatening the Lives of My Tribe'
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: In North Dakota, Indigenous activists from dozens of different tribes are protesting a proposed pipeline, which they say would threaten to contaminate the Missouri River. The... ...
sandil - 23. Aug, 20:51

Corporate Conquistadors Violate Indigenous Lands and Bodies
Pamela D. Palmater, teleSUR: For decades, the primary focus of anti-mining, logging and oil-and-gas activists has been on the environmental destruction left behind by the extractive industry. What is less... ...
sandil - 23. Aug, 05:09

Native Americans Were the Victims of Genocide
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, History News Network: The form of colonialism that the Indigenous peoples of North America have experienced has been modern from the beginning: the expansion of European corporations,... ...
sandil - 4. Jun, 21:16

Indigenous Children Face Extreme Rates of State Violence in US
Britney Schultz, Truthout: Native children in the US are being removed from their homes and tribes to be placed with white foster families or into institutions that are often havens of neglect and abuse,... ...
sandil - 12. Jul, 21:41

An Indigenous Peoples' History
By Ron Jacobs Entire nations of people were killed off, their cultures denied, and their lands stolen. http://www.inform ationclearinghouse.info/ar ticle39598.htm ...
sandil - 6. Sep, 21:24

The unhealed wound
http://www.brasschecktv.co m/page/22818.html ------- - Sexual Violence and Native American Genocide Staff, Making Contact National Radio Project: One in three native women have been victims of sexual... ...
sandil - 30. Nov, 21:34

The "Golden State's" Brutal Past Through Native Eyes
Bethania Palma Markus, Truthout: While indigenous people around the planet battle poverty and capitalist intrusions on their land and into their culture, in California, the most basic hurdle in self-determination... ...
sandil - 17. Nov, 07:34

It Is Time to Recognize the National Sovereignty and Human Rights of Native Indians
Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Truthout: The recent signing of the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the invigoration of the Native Indian movement show that it's time to recognize... ...
sandil - 10. Oct, 08:57

Does Christianity Continue to Stifle Indigenous Political Will?
Four Arrows, Truthout: Indigenous peoples must consciously confront and oppose the hegemony of the Christian worldview that informs the forces of economic oppression and ecological destruction, says Four... ...
sandil - 28. Sep, 21:49


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US Bill Seeks First Native...
Two U.S. congress people will propose in the coming...
sandil - 20. Sep, 21:30
Dakota Access Pipeline...
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: On Saturday in North Dakota,...
sandil - 6. Sep, 21:42
Standing Rock Sioux Chairman:...
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: In North Dakota, Indigenous...
sandil - 23. Aug, 20:51
Corporate Conquistadors...
Pamela D. Palmater, teleSUR: For decades, the primary...
sandil - 23. Aug, 05:09
Native Americans Were...
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, History News Network: The form...
sandil - 4. Jun, 21:16




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